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Established in 1962

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DC Allen is a product design and development consultancy specialising in electronic systems for healthcare, instrumentation and signal processing applications. We have the expertise and experience in advanced electronic and software design to help make your new product a world-beater.

Usually in the backroom but always at the leading-edge, our contribution is to turn the most demanding technical specification for a product into functioning reality. DC Allen can fit seamlessly into any team, providing electronic technical expertise, when and where it is needed and at every stage of a product’s development. Serving an international client base, ranging from start-ups to multinational corporations, we have a proven track record of engineering solutions to our customers’ requirements, on-time and on-budget.

We help to provide the measured power behind the button and the precision control behind the action: altogether a positive force for your technical product.


We bring a wealth of experience in developing electronic systems over the last 35 years, covering applications ranging from manufacturing process control to medical devices, life sciences to rail systems, aerospace to the film industry.

Embedded software

Virtually all modern electronic products rely on microprocessors, and it is the embedded software that will bring your device to life and give it its personality. We have a software development process honed over many years that enables us to rapidly produce robust, feature-packed software.

Product design

Many of our customers are looking for a complete product design service. Through our product and mechanical design partner network built up over many decades, we can provide a one-stop solution.

Regulatory affairs

All electronic products must meet specific regulatory requirements. In the case of medical devices, the regulatory affairs demands increase very considerably and require a dedicated regulatory affairs specialist. Through our partner network we are able to ensure that all the regulatory hurdles of your product are covered.


We take pride in the quality that runs throughout everything that we do, whether it is carefully considered circuit design, well-structured and modular software or clear and detailed documentation.