Producing Barograph Chart Paper with LaTeX PGF/Tikz
Published by Tim Allen on 20th February 2024


In this post we use the LaTeX PGF/Tikz package to generate PDF barograph chart sheets. The majority of barograph charts are 300mm in length, the drum circumference being around 297mm. This means that it’s possible to print barograph charts lengthwise onto A4 paper. Two such charts can be printed onto each sheet and then trimmed to size.


Here is the LaTeX source for the charts. The PGF/Tikz package is used to generate the graphics. The dimensions of the charts are defined as variables and so may be readily modified for different barographs. The program is good for a pressure scale in inHg or, by uncommenting a few lines, millibars. Similarly, the default Sunday start day can easily be changed by editing the line in the %Days block. The charts should be trimmed to the lines below each chart, and the top of the day arcs. The comment regarding trim lengths in the code are correct for our printer.

Example output for inHg and millibar charts are also provided.


As barograph ink is slow drying, it’s very important to use a suitable paper for printing the charts. Regular A4 copier paper will result in the ink bleeding. We have had good results with Clairfontaine Triomphe plain paper (N.6170C).

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