Aerospace and Rail

Sealant Scraper Sharpener

Elixair SkyScrapers are approved composite plastic scrapers used as a tool in the removal of cured sealant and adhesives on aircraft. The SkyMill Revolution is a rugged, portable sharpening device designed to sharpen Elixair’s SkyScrapers.

The SkyMill Revolution utilises a high-speed motor and a custom rechargeable battery pack in an extremely compact form-factor. DC Allen was commissioned to design the electronics and software for control of the motor and battery charging algorithms.

Demanding constraints on the acceptable size of the final product required careful selection of components to achieve the necessary miniaturisation. In production, the controller and the product has proven to be highly reliable.

Train Systems Monitoring

Our client Data Alchemist provides the infrastructure to allow train companies to monitor on-train systems in real time, and has engaged DC Allen to design and develop the electronics and embedded software modules that measure, monitor, gather and transmit this data back to central databases.

Working closely with our client, we have developed an extensive range of modules that are capable of monitoring a wide and varied range of on-train systems, focusing on those that experience has shown to have reliability issues or have caused breakdowns or delays.

Modules are located close to the systems that are to be monitored, and communication to Data Concentrators is achieved with a combination of CAN bus, utilising our proprietary CANopen stack, and radio. We have developed modules that can monitor everything from engines to brakes, toilets to doors, pneumatic systems to temperature and humidity. The result - faults are detected sooner, meaning improved reliability and punctuality.